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She/Her. Cosplayer, Streamer, Podcaster, DM/Producer for Plot Hunters and Boss B on Indoor Recess.

Plot Hunters Podcast

Plot Hunters S4 EP4 – Castle Naerytar Plot Hunters

In which the party infiltrates Castle Naerytar in the hopes of discovering the secret passage to the Greypeak Mountains.   D&D 5e – Tyranny of Dragons adventure Plot Hunters is an all POC D&D game that streams every Saturday at 5pm PST. Catch us live at https://www.twitch.tv/plothunters Twitter: https://twitter.com/PlotHunters Background Ambience and Music by Tabletop Audio: https://tabletopaudio.com/
  1. Plot Hunters S4 EP4 – Castle Naerytar
  2. Plot Hunters S4 Ep3 – The Council of Waterdeep
  3. Season 4 Episode 2 – Meihra's Wedding
  4. Season 4 Episode 1 – Return to Waterdeep
  5. Season 3 Episode 27 – Season Finale

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